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Horse and human are joined not by tack, but by trust. And that goes triple for Malik and I. He teaches me more about myself than anything or anyone else on this planet. I look to him for a better understanding of the world around me, and he delivers. Not out of obligation, but because of the way he organically interacts with, well, everything. He is a gift, every moment of every day. Our journey has been long and far; difficult but wildly rewarding. Today we hope to inspire and motivate others to create practices like ours, with their equine counterparts, that expand their lives and hearts. We have discovered & created relationships with the seemingly secret, hard to find equine products. And we are here to bring them into your tack room, trailer, barn and hearts. We bond, ride, play and work to help others become aware of these forgotten, secret, uncommon products and therapies; all of the things you find here contain healing capacities for the common ailments of today.

the road we travel

malik the arabian

Every horse I have had the great pleasure of sharing space with has left an imprint on my heart and my being. Everything I know about horses I learned from horses. They have an incredible ability to show you the things you may or may not know already but with a big blinking neon light. Though through the years, I’ve noticed many of us refuse to see this…I suppose like everything in life: you get it when you get it!


"There is One horse in particular that has stolen every part of me, beyond just my head. His name is Malik."


Ever since I was that horse-crazed little girl, I always knew that one day I would have my very own horse. But it didn’t happen the way I thought it would at all. Then again, most things don’t.  Actually, do things ever show up the way I think they will? Not usually. I have always enjoyed the freedom and natural way of horses. I never quite understood the way people take them and box them up, literally and non-literally. “Just because it doesn't mean it should be” is a saying that has always ringed very loudly in my ears…so naturally, I don’t follow the mold of typical horse-owners.  When my Malik got sick I was even further instilled with the truth of this.



To this day nobody knows this but me, and now you, no one knows what went through my head during the time of all of this. It was a day by day process, every day was new questions and following that his body knew what to do…and it did! It will be two years October 3rd, 2016 and he is completely sound.


They say to grow a totally new hoof it takes a year, Malik did it in 8 months.They said he wouldn’t be sound enough to ride for a year, Malik did it in 5 months. Everything that happened was shorter and totally different than what was considered “normal”. Because in my world there is no normal and anything truly is possible!

We are here in a physical body and physical bodies do require certain things. Those things we did were based on asking the body what it required and actually listening. The magic and potency that this horse is, is beyond any word known in this reality. He exudes possibility and shows me every day!

It all started when I noticed sores behind his two front feet and at the time I had no idea what they were from, all I knew was that something was off. Two days later as I was doctoring his feet he became very lame. What happens in the middle is not as important right now as what I am about to tell you. I will save the middle details for another story on another day…if you’re interested.


I discovered he had foundered and I didn’t know it in the early stages because I had never had a horse founder. It was a first for me and for him. If any of you have had experience with a limonitic or foundered horse you know that it is pretty much a death sentence in the eyes of traditional veterinary medicine. To put it simply, according to the vet, there was no hope for him. His coffin bones had sunk and the vet was surprised he was even walking.

Everything the vet suggested I do made no sense to me, in fact, it made me nauseous; it weighed on me like a ton of bricks (extremely heavy). What did I do? I asked a ton of questions and I had a conversation with Malik. I wanted to trust that Malik and I could get through this but to be honest, I was in my head with doubt, and boy did he put me back on track! I had a brief moment and I then made a decision to follow my knowing. We did exactly the opposite of what was traditionally done with this type of ailment.

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