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Inspired by nature to nurture the body to heal itself through finding the root cause of any dysfunction. This is done from the inside out, and that starts with education.


Here at the Home of Malik The Arabian. We believe in only providing the best care for your horses. We partner with amazing vets, brands, and small businesses that offer quality equine products that we put our hoof of approval on. With extensive research and personal experience we share amazing information on all horse topics on our blog.

We invite you to join our journey and share what works for you! Check out Malik's shop for the products he personally uses, get huge savings on other brands with our  "Share the Love Codes" and if you would like to work with us, we have options for you. Together we can improve upon the care, products,and practices for all horses to live their best life! 

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What is the most essential nutrient to a horse? You are correct, WATER is. It is common knowledge that horses are composed of 70% water. So you know that water and proper hydration can make a monumental impact in overall health and performance in your horse. You always have water in front of them but they just aren't drinking enough. With horses having a tremendous sense of both smell and taste, most equine enthusiasts fail to realize how selective their animals are. Often times when traveling with horses, 

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Brands I've

Malik communicates and I listen. This horse has a tremendous heart and a hypersensitive soul. He thrives on being able to be himself, he puts huge amounts of trust in his human and in doing so, he gives his all. The kinship with an animal is a beautiful thing, something that must be experienced to be understood.

Malik & Tamara

A Journey of Friendship

Honoring their body, their mind and being. I have spent my entire life learning about "species-specific" horse care, the way nature intended it to be. Horses, all animals thrive in nature, less is more. I share what I have learned about products and therapies that will keep their bodies strong and healthy into their older years. Every day is a gift, he exudes being in the moment and every second is a new journey we take together!

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help your body heal itself

Malik gets frequent microcirculation sessions. This helps increase his performance on rides and relaxes his muscles for optimum recovery. 

Increase performance, support your horse’s vitalization, regeneration, and recovery. Giving Microcirculation sessions before and after training, competitive riding, or transportation, aids in the tranquility and comfort of your horse. It is also responsible for the stimulation of “rest and digestive” activities.

The BEMER is for both human and equine. If you have any questions give me a call Tamara Gonsor (602) 790-7030


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“I go on a lot of endurance rides and having a portable water filter system that    can go anywhere, made me feel better about giving my horse clean water ” 

“After trying Transfer Factor for my horse Pepper over the last 2 months, I saw a difference in her energy!"

“I have been hearing a lot about microcirculation and after searching for someone near that does sessions I came upon Tamara and Malik. After getting a few sessions for Charlie, I could see a change” 


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