Where quality counts and ingredients matter! I call it the science of being earth-friendly and mindful. Saddle and Sage is a conduit, for people to see unusual things with more awareness and know that they have more options. Every product we carry has a uniqueness about it and very rarley found anywhere else. Be sure and watch each product video for the behind-the-package look at how they are used and why they are loved so much!

Meet Tamara Gonsor, founder of Saddle and Sage.  I have spent a lifetime with horses. 

A connoisseur of nature and the outdoors. The richness of pure and raw presence that animals and nature are, is where I feel most at home. I am fully charged by the dynamic connection with this beautiful planet that we call home.


While all animals have a gift to share, I am fiercely drawn to horses and what they exude. My time with them is filled with deep breaths and acknowledging the extraordinary way that they facilitate people, me. We have so much more to learn from them than them from us. The space they hold has carved out a special spot in my world!

I grew up in Northern California where nature and purity was every day and normal. Eating food raised in our backyard. There was no such thing as GMO or grown in a petri dish. Where the animals and people rarely if at all saw the ailments of today. As an adult it became near impossible to find real and quality, so I set out to find it. At first a hobby and desperate to uncover what I knew was out there, I began a journey for selfish reasons. I have since turned into a tenacious researcher who enjoys every minute of learning and discovering that there are many hidden gems available. I have studied with Medical Researchers, Holistic Veterinarians and Doctors who all understand and have made it a life mission to uncover and show the world that our food is our medicine and our bodies are our partners and healing machines, if we give them what they need to do just that, heal. As people become more aware of how we are being poisoned, more quality is being uncovered, created and is available. I invite you to frolic with me and open your mind to this uncommon occurrence that thirsts to be fully uncovered. 


Welcome to Saddle and Sage