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There are so many toxins in our environment and we continually search for wholesome clean ingredients you can actually read. The Infused Equestrian's products are hand-crafted and 100% natural! So we just had to feature their Infusion Starter Set that is perfect for all your summer horse girl needs!

This kit comes with:

  • noggin. A Fresh Helmet Spray formulated to neutralize bacteria and odors for your riding equipment. 

  • comfort. A Liniment aimed at soothing tired horse legs after jumping and flatting.

  • shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner fortifies the hair follicle, stimulates hair growth and looks amazing when applied to the mane, tail and body.

  • swӓt. A Fly Spray that can be used for both rider and horse alike. This all-natural recipe is loaded with essential oils ready to combat nature..with nature. 

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