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Horse First Aid Kit

Whether you are new to horses or experienced, having a well equipped horse First Aid Kit (also known as Veterinarian First Aid Kit) is one of the most important tools to have. Especially when you're in the barn, in your trailer for traveling, at a show and or on your saddle while riding on trails. There is nothing more frustrating than something happening and not being prepared with the right tools.

What is a Horse/Vet First Aid Kit? It’s a collection of emergency tools and supplies needed when unexpected injuries or events happen to your or your horse.

horse first aid kit

First Aid Kit components is the primary purchase you should make as a first time horse owner. You never know what could happen when your horse steps out of the trailer. You too could get injured by falling off, getting trampled or even pushed into a fence; which have all happened to me in my 44-years of horse ownership.

Having horses all my life, I have read and seen countless lists of Horse First Aid Kits. I am going to list an in-depth list here, with my descriptions and reasons for use, then you can decide if you want to add them or not to your kit.

In addition to a well thought out First Aid Kit, it is wise to have what I call an Emergency Barn Binder (also called Equine Medical Records).

Why is it important to keep Equine Medical Records (also known as Emergency Barn Binder) with your First Aid Kit? When a tragic event happens it is startling and upsetting. Oftentimes it leaves us traumatized and we lose the ability to think clearly. Having everything written down makes it much easier to recall the necessary information that may be required. Things like emergency phone numbers, your veterinarian, your farrier, the closest veterinary and human hospital, a horse rescue or ambulance service (if there is one in your area), the fire department and police.

A Final Caution: Even the best-equipped first aid kit is intended only to help you deal with minor injuries and health problems. You should not expect it to cover major medical crises. Any situation you can't quickly and confidently treat, consult your veterinarian immediately.

Stocking Your First Aid Kit

First you need to set up an inventory for quick access. I recommend taping an “inventory list” to the inside lid of your kit and listing all the items you have in your kit, so at a glance you can easily tell what’s in your kit without digging for it. When you use an item, cross it off the list and don’t forget to replace it for the next time you need it. Remember most everything has an expiration date, set reminders in your phone calendar or somewhere that will remind you to periodically go through your Emergency First Aid Kit and keep it updated.


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