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More Than Goals and Motivation

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

I took a much needed social media break over the holidays to recharge and process the coming New Year. This got me thinking about how people make resolutions...New Year, New You! Did you know, statistics show that only 8-9% of those who make a New Year’s Resolution or a New Year’s Goal, actually keep them?

More Than Goals and Motivation

Instead of making those resolutions or goals, I opt for setting targets, which is much More Than Goals and Motivation. Targets move and change, just like my life does. The word itself gives a different energy. It provides an openness and flexibility that allows for change. With a target you get feedback and information as you go, allowing you to change your aim and get closer to the target each time. I don’t know about you but my life has all kinds of twists and turns. So, I continue to aim and if I miss, it’s no big deal because I know that I can aim again and again to get closer each time. When I hit it, I celebrate! This is a much more empowering way to live each day.

Journaling has been my outlet to set targets; allowing myself to be creative on this journey of discovery. It prompts daily inspiration for most creative people, including you, if you’re still reading this. It is more detrimental in doing too little, not too much. I love this take on this very topic said by Gary Douglas “Becoming OCCC, is his take on obsessive compulsive creative folks, who when they don’t have enough to do become obsessive compulsive creators of crap, also known as disasters in their lives used to keep them entertained.”

I like to start by acknowledging all the things I have accomplished and expressing gratitude for where I am now. Often times, we miss this very important step that can change so much. Though just because we are celebrating our accomplishments, doesn’t mean we can’t improve upon them or even change them all together. It’s ok to change and want to do something different. Your target can change as your perception changes in the different seasons of your life.

Your reality doesn’t change your point of view. Your point of view changes your reality. Here are a few questions I like to ask myself to determine the targets I want to aim for.

What are 5 things I am grateful for?

The things we put focus on grow bigger. In today's world there is very little living in the moment. Instead of looking back and judging ourselves for what we decided wasn’t perfect, what if we took a few moments to thank YOU. If you decided to start a gratitude journal, alone that would change what shows up in your life. Every day, all day, we are making choices. If I don’t like where the last one took me, I’ll make another one. It seems simple and it is! At first it may not be so easy but with practice you will be surprised as to how much it changes things. What if everything I have done up to this point has set me up for where I am now? My horse reminds me how true this is everyday.

What makes me happy?

This question can be very simple or very involved, I like to write it down (in my journal). I like to sit with this question and get a sense in my body of what this is for me. Things that make me happy are horses, nature, friends, a work space that makes me feel comfortable and at ease. Being aware of all of it, I refer to them whenever I ask any other questions. If it gives me the same energy, I choose it. If it doesn't, I don’t.

What would I like my life to be?

This can be short term, long term or both. Personally, I like to do both. Answering this question can lead to immediate targets or long term dreams. Either way, knowing the answer will bring it into your awareness. So moving forward, demand more from your life by taking the actions or making the choices needed for it to become a reality for you. Remember, if I can dream it, I can create it and have it.

What if there is no wrong decisions or choices?

No matter what choice or decision I make, it can always be changed. Some changes can create a bigger wave or can be a little more difficult to alter, but it can be done. So, before changing anything, I find answering this question next very helpful; What will this choice/decision create? You have to determine if the change you want to make, will lead to the outcome you want. So answering this question for myself gives me an awareness and energy of it. So if it matches where I’d like to go, I choose it, if it doesn’t, I don’t.

More Than Goals and Motivation

These questions are a great way to start any self-discovery or regular journaling routine. Since I am a horse lover I like to journal and write in journals that are visually pretty and have textures that feel good to the touch. Here are a few I have picked for you. Happy writing and good luck with your targets!

7 handpicked UNIQUE 2020 horse journals


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