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Stirrups with Good Grip

This package was the one I was beyond excited to get and I was even more stunned when I opened the box. I’ll explain why!

I first saw these stirrups on a story on Instagram and they stopped me in my tracks.

stirrups with good grip

They are beautiful, sleek, elegant and innovative. I hardly ever purchase something on looks alone but these I would have; they looked decades ahead of their time! The real test was riding in them.

There are quite a few things that are critical to my riding success when it comes to stirrups. Technology in the horse world has improved leaps and bounds since I was a kid. Since I spend countless hours in the saddle, I have come to realize the importance of stirrups. It is so easy to overlook how important they truly are.

What are stirrups really for? They are to provide assistance for horse and rider to work as a team. When you both work together there is an ultimate balance of teamwork.

stirrups with good grip

These are the most wonderful stirrups I have found yet, in looks and in every aspect of performance. Ophena S. The Magnetic Safety Stirrup™. Safety and performance made extraordinary. Ophena stirrups embody all the things that are most important to me. Safety, comfort, balance, grip and performance!

There is nothing more annoying than riding and worrying about my stirrups the entire ride. It should be safe, effortless and comfortable when you are riding. Safety with Ophena is second to none. There is nothing on the market today like Ophena Stirrups. As you can see, half of the stirrup is open. This leaves more than enough room to easily and effortlessly get out of the stirrups, if and when danger possibly could arise.

They stay in place beautifully from the get-go because they are magnetic. You put the magnetic insole in your boot or shoe and they stay melded together with ease. I only needed to adjust my stirrup once, when I got on. I have never experienced stirrups like these.

ophena safety stirrups

I have heard comments that these top rated stirrups are especially great for jumpers and eventers but I am here to tell you that they are beneficial and a must for any discipline of riding. They currently only accommodate English Stirrup Leathers (1-inch stirrup leathers). I would love to see these for a wider stirrup leather for more stability, giving the rider more style options. If those become available I would add those to my collection too! These stirrups make a great gift for any horse lover.

Would I recommend these stirrups?

“You bet I would,10 times over! I am anxious to try the Ophena T because they are made of titanium versus stainless steel and are slightly lighter than the Ophena S. Yes these stirrups are more expensive, but they are worth every penny. I have already ridden in these on many rides and know that any equestrian would benefit from a pair of these!”

-Tamara Gonsor, Saddle and Sage

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