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Tack Room Essentials

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Having horses for as long as I have, you learn real quick what you need to have on hand for any given situation. These gems I am sharing with you have so many uses and benefits that you will be asking yourself, why are these not in my tack room? I can tell you, the moment we found out about this amazing resource for my horse Malik, we have never been caught without it again! The key ingredient that you can not sleep on is, Hydrated Redmond Clay!

Tack Room Essentials

The Hydrated Redmond Clay products are by far one of our most used! This stuff is like magic. It literally works on everything. There are two dynamic properties to this clay that I love the most. The fact that if your horse licks or ingests it, it is completely safe. The other is the “draw” that this clay has. I have tried every clay on the market and this clay has the best “draw” there is. Note that all the products we share with you are drug free, work on multiple areas in and on the body and are non toxic.

As a rider, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to assist our horses in being healthy and strong for multiple years. Our natural environment and food resources are key to good health. It is important to be hyper aware of what we put into our horse’s bodies because it affects many areas of their health. One part of the body it affects is the skin, being the largest organ of the body.

Our skin plays a crucial role in the barrier between the outside world and the highly regulated system inside the body. You can see why what you put on it and what it comes into contact with is so very important. The two products with Hydrated Redmond Clay that are a must have is the First Aid All Natural Hydrated Clay for Horses and the Red Edge Poultice!

Tack Room Essentials

If you have a horse that suffers from Scratches (also known as mud fever, pastern dermatitis, pastern folliculitis, dew poisoning, greasy heel or cracked heels), feel free to message me for our secret recipe that works better than anything on the market today. This condition is very painful for horses and is often a huge challenge to get rid of. Redmond Clay is one of the best ingredients to helping with this ailment and I will be happy to explain why. My horse Malik had it once and we tried every product on the market and nothing worked until we used this recipe. Scratches are a whole body problem, treating the inside of the body and outside are very important.

tack room essentials

Does your horse suffer from bothersome bites, stings, cuts or skin irritations?

First Aid All Natural Hydrated Clay soothes and heals naturally by sealing wounds, drawing out infection, repelling flies and bacteria and preventing proud flesh.

Does your horse suffer from hot spots and stocking up or sore legs after a workout?

Red Edge Poultice draws out inflammation and swelling to ensure your hard working horse is in peak form before every performance and recovers quickly after.

What is the difference between First Aid All Natural Hydrated Clay for Horses and Red Edge Poultice?

First Aid All Natural Hydrated Clay is hydrated Redmond Clay. We use this on every inch of our horses. Especially on any sensitive areas, for example, on the face or anywhere close to the private parts, belly button and such. Watch Video

Red Edge Poultice is hydrated Redmond Clay with pure essential oils. A therapeutic blend of menthol, peppermint and tea tree oils. These are cooling and potent oils. This means we do not use this mixture on faces, anywhere close to eyes or sensitive areas. Anywhere else on the body we use often and the benefits go far and wide. Watch Video

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