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Total Saddle Fit - Stability Stirrup Leathers™

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

I grew up riding in English tack which means I know all too well skinny English stirrup leathers and how they function. I wasn’t fond of them back then and it has lasted into adulthood. You can imagine how delighted I was when the wider stirrup leathers were introduced. They are said to be designed for comfort and stability. Of course, I had to give them a try!

Total Saddle Fit - Stability Stirrup Leathers

After riding English for many years, I decided to give Western riding a go. This type of riding is known for its fenders, of which are way too bulky for my liking. In giving both English and Western a fair shot, I still wasn’t completely satisfied. While I liked the many aspects of the Western saddle, I missed the leg freedom an English saddle had to offer.

In search of “the best of both worlds”, and because I had ventured into other disciplines, I was introduced to an Endurance saddle. I fell in love with this type of saddle because it gives the freedom of English and a little more meat like a Western saddle, higher pommel and cantle, and it also came with a "no horn" option. It was also so much easier to get the 2-inch stirrup leathers that I wish the equine world would had thought of a long time ago.

Stirrup Leathers: Skinny, Wide or Wider?

There are only a few companies that make a wide Stirrup Leather for an English stirrup.

Total Saddle Fit being one of them, so I had to give them a try. Before reviewing any product, I like to ride in it no less than 5 rides. I am a distance rider, so we spend many miles and hours in our tack. I don’t believe you really know the function of any tack until you have done many miles in it, and I mean many miles in one sitting. You get the truth when you go the distance and put it to the test.

Let me list the pros and cons coming from my perspective of the Total Saddle Fit - Stability Stirrup Leathers™


  • Love the wide part of the stirrup leather

  • Love that they come in brown

  • The leather is beautiful and supple


  • The length of the wide part does not come long enough. The longest it comes in brown (at the time) was 54” and that simply isn’t long enough for me. I believe now they come in longer lengths. The biggest part of this is that the wide part doesn’t go the entire length I need from the buckle top to the stirrup when attached to the saddle.

  • Only available for English stirrups (with 1-inch slot). Would love these to come in 2-inch-wide to accommodate a wide Western stirrup.

Would I recommend?

Absolutely, I would. I love wide stirrup leathers. For the right person this is a very nice product and does as advertised!

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