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What is Nutrient Buffer?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Nutrient Buffer® neutralizes acid which can lead to stomach ulcers. It’s a unique ratio of minerals in a stabilized emulsion helps neutralize excess acidity that leads to ulcers. Nutrient Buffer® does not inhibit acid production in the stomach because it is necessary to ensure proper digestion and absorption of food nutrients.

Why do I love this product so much? We are constantly searching for products that don't contribute to the toxic overload that horses and humans deal with in the world today. Most ulcer products on the market shut down the natural process of the gut by using blockers and inhibitors.

What is important to me is getting rid of the problem by not putting a band-aid over it, which is what drugs do. Instead allowing the body to do what it was intended to do, heal itself when given what it needs to do so.

Ulcers are becoming more and more common. Many ailments in horses today are becoming more and more common. And, they seem to come back year after year. I have always made it a priority to know why, to get to the root of the issue. If something keeps coming back, there is a reason and it is important to pay attention.

From the Equine Biochemist:

“Ulcer statistics are lowest for horses turned out to pasture, and highest for racing horses stabled at race tracks. Show horses range from 40% to 60% depending upon the level of exertion, stabling environment, feed and water quality. The fact that there are even any ulcers in pastured, non-stressed horses verifies the fact that the only factor that has changed in this modern age is the quality and purity of the environment. Today, there are ever increasing toxins and residues from water contamination, air pollution, pesticides and herbicides in the food supply, as well as in the poor quality foodstuffs with lower nutritional quality and higher levels of contaminants than ever before.”

It is commonly known that horses are grazing animals and continuously eat small amounts 24-7, also known as grazing. It is all to common today for horses to go long periods of time without food. When exercised on an empty stomach it compounds the problem.

Give the Body what it Needs:

Nutrient Buffer aids as a colic remedy, anemia in horses and immune support. Did you know that 70-80% of the immune system lives in the gut?

The equine GUT is extremely sensitive and easy to upset. Nutrient Buffer is a staple in my barn. Keeping everything running smoothly is essential to good health.

The best Treatment is Prevention! - Unknown

Get Your Nutrient Buffer Today:



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