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Why Saddle & Sage

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Saddle And Sage is a website and blog that was created from a desire to share and document the journey of myself Tamara (Human) and Malik (my Arabian Gelding who is a Horse). I have a love for species specific (meaning, how nature intended the horse to live) horse care, spending countless hours in the saddle and researching equine wellness. In the beginning it was almost impossible to find what I was looking for. Now more and more people are understanding the importance of taking care of their animals bodies as well as their own. While every horse and human are different, I am sharing what we have been through, experienced and how we have overcome it. Saddle And Sage is a place to document and display all of the unique things that we have found and still use to this day.

Over the past two decades, I have been discovering and uncovering the most potent of products, that for decades, have been somewhat hidden from the equine industry. With the help of these products and techniques, Malik has overcome common ailments that plague the horse world, resulting in death for many. We have proven that traditional recovery times and ailment reoccurrences can be changed; shortened and eliminated.

The things you find at Saddle And Sage are very unique and what we call "hidden gems". You will be glad you stopped by.

Why do we want to share these products?

  • They are unique and offer special properties.

  • There are still many horse people that don’t know about them.

  • We search for Equipment that people don’t know about that specifically assist humans in understanding horses on a deeper level.

  • We search for Products that are established, that assist the body in a unique natural (the way nature intended) way.

  • We look to shorten the knowledge gap between ailments of today, education is key.

  • Educating horse owners of things they may not find on their own or even knew existed.

  • Quite a few of these products are not offered to all disciplines and we strive to bring them to all.

Alternative Therapies are much bigger today than they have ever been and very few are showcasing them to get the recognition they deserve.

Horses like people require emotional, physical and mental well-being to thrive in this world, all are just as important as the other. Today, just living creates stress. It is a daily process to keep them sound and happy for as long as they would like to accompany us here on this planet.

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