In excessively hot and cold conditions, horses benefit from consistent and adequate electrolyte support.


Salt isn't enough for horses who are competing under stressful conditions where electrolytes are more rapidly being lost through sweat. Electrolyte deficiencies are a well-known cause of tying up syndrome and also muscle cramping in track and endurance athletes.


Clean human grade salt (instead of dirty feed grade), with Pharmaceutical Grade vitamins, amino acid chelated minerals and micro-encapsulated probiotics - all ensure maximum absorption and purity. Added vitamins C, E and B complex vitamins help further support the most stressed biochemical pathways. Our Electrolytes Plus™ for horses is formulated to be the finest on the market.


Add to feed or dose, do not add to water as it may reduce water consumption.


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Electrolytes PLUS

  • Combine 1-2 tbsp with yogurt or Nutrient Buffer®, and dose after strenuous exercise.

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